Thursday, January 13, 2011

.a farewell and hello.

Hi! I know I've been absolutely MIA over here for a long time... That is because I'm moving, virtually. Not into a different house, but into two different online spaces.

Starting next Monday, Jan. 17, I'll be posting regularly at my new Home Ground blog.

Starting last week, I've been posting semi-regularly on my new Tumblr site.

The Home Ground blog is a new endeavor for me. It won't be as personal as I have been here, hence the new My Mom Thinks I'm Swell tumblr. Rather, it will be more of an informational, inspirational space. I've really excited about the potential this new site has. Hop on over the the link above for a bit more information on it. I have a welcome post up :)

I really hope you follow me over there. I absolutely, truly appreciate each and every one of you.