Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Ok, maybe only a little. We dressed our tree. Which was no small feat, as it's very pokey (wish we had thought about that) and the lights were brand new so they were all accordioney. Oh well... There are multi and white lights on it. It's cute. No dream tree, but it'll do for our first one. I put candy canes on it (so cute, just like being a kid!) and the three hand-blown glass ornaments I have, along with three of my recycled wool hearts from Lisa at Lil Fish Studios. Also, my manager at Sbux gave us all clear glass ornaments with coffee beans inside. Mine says Brittany. It's pretty cute. And smells good! Yup. That's our tree. Oh, our tree skirt is vintage plaid fabric from the flea market. Kinda homey and nice.

I had visions of modern trees in my head, with all white lights and lovely ornaments and the like. I like this too. I'll have pictures of ours later tonight hopefully, or in the morning maybe.

What are you doing with your tree this year?

Have a lovely night everyone!


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Your tree sounds lovely because it's yours. Those first years of building together are great fun.

Our tree this year is a little rosemary bush, because a. that's all I could handle, and b. I wanted a winter source of rosemary. ;-)

Chelsea said...

i put my hello kitty ornaments on the tree, and a couple others that my dad has gotten me - he gets me one every year. i also had a string of wooden beads that i used as garland. :) grace says "Kissmiss tree!!"

Brittany Noel said...

Thank you Jen, you're right. It's growing on me. Tonight, I turned the lights on and it made me so happy!
Rosemary sounds nice. It smells so good and you can use it! Perfect.

Chels - Your garland sounds really nice, and I love that your dad gets you an ornament every year. I would like a tradition like that. I wish she would say Britee around me! That girl is a sneak!

raining sheep said...

Ultimately no matter how 'pokey' your tree is, once it is all dressed every tree looks magical!

Brittany Noel said...

So true!! I'm really loving our tree.