Wednesday, December 31, 2008

3. 2. 1.

Somehow, I feel like this is not the eve of the new year. I am not quite ready for the new year. I would rather enter it prepared and ready, but instead I'm going into it in the middle stages of reorganizing and clearing and such. We made a couple of successful trips to Ikea and bought things we needed to do all of this.

New spice bottles and a couple spice racks (they were sandwiched between the top of the microwave and the cupboard).
Two shelves to put up by the door for gloves and hats and the like.
Plastic bins for recycling (my entire front closet was taken up by recycling. Seriously.)
Floating candles for the beautiful new bowl from my mom's friends (photos soon!)

I've done a few things around the apartment to help make our lives easier. I call it deep organizing. Believe me, things get messier before they get better.

Cleaned out all of the recycling from the closet and took it to be recycled (whew!)
Put spices in the new spice jars and we just put the racks up (photos soon also)
Made a new look for the coffee table (huge improvement)
Got rid of a lot of mugs and glasses that I don't love (keeping all handmade and sentimental)

That's most of it. Oh, I did three loads of laundry. Considering I have to dry each load twice (that's how awful and old our dryer is), that's a pretty sizable feat.

I'm very sorry I'm not telling you about how I feel about the new year or this past one, I guess I'm just not sure. Also, it doesn't feel like a new year, so I'm not feeling much about it. I think for me, the new year is really the new school year, so I feel like I still have a week and a half before my new year. I have a lot of goals and plans, but who knows if I'll achieve them? It seems that whenever I make a goal (specifically for my Etsy shop), everything else gets in the way. Even though I've been off school for quite a while, I still haven't had much time for working on Etsy. Hopefully I'll remedy that this week and next. I have a new plan in the works, and I bought a spot in the Feather Your Nest showcase at Etsy for next week, so that is definitely a deadline. We'll see what I come up with!

I hope you are ringing in the new year with loved ones and are having a great night! Eric and I are hanging around, probably watching Wall.e or The Office.

Happy New Year!

(Sorry there are no photos, I can't find my card reader!)


Lynne said...

Well, that sounds to me like you have actually achieved a lot. But I agree, a deadline is a good thing!

Brittany Noel said...

Thanks Lynne! I suppose the list has a bunch of items. I'm trying to stay organized about it!

Alpaca Granny said...

The new year has inspired me to do some serious mucking out around the house also - taking down shelves, putting up new curtains, rearranging....