Friday, January 2, 2009

Kicking myself in the face

I hate it when these things happen. Well, hate for a second, then love settles in. After I kick myself in the face. OK, so, here's the story. You know how when you comment on someone else's blog and you see all the other people who have commented, and there's maybe one or two names there that stick out. Maybe because you see them commenting on pretty much every blog you frequent, or maybe because it's just a catchy name.

Well, in this case it's both. The Deco Detective. Most of you are probably saying in your head (or out loud) "I can't believe she didn't know...". Well, I didn't. But then, the most amazing thing happened. Yesterday, I clicked on her name! And a beautiful blog popped up and I spent about an hour looking through post after post of beautiful interiors and stylists and photographers. A world of inspiration has opened up to me and I can only say this. Thank you Trudi.

As it's impossible to pick a favorite anything from her blog, here's a lovely set of images from one of her most recent posts:

The ornaments has to be my favorite. Love it! And the shoes. I would love to hide teeny presents in someone's shoes. What a wonderful surprise in the morning!

P.S. Um, I left my card reader in Grand Haven. I know, very sad. I'm going to have my Mommy mail it to me, so soon I'll have my own photos again. Until then, I'm going to take this opportunity to do some blog show and tell. Next up: it's a secret. Come on, I have to keep some level of suspense right?

P.P.S. I got my seed catalogs! I didn't even realize I'd get them. It's way too early for me to think about that. I think we'll get another garden plot, but definitely not one that floods and has never been cultivated. Talk about hell. Really. We put so much more work into than what we got out. I'm excited. I think we'll get two, maybe!

P.P.P.S. Sorry, but I wanted to tell you I bought a spot in the upcoming Feather Your Nest showcase on Etsy! I have a couple things I'll be making for it, so stay tuned!


TheDecoDetective said...

Gosh Brittany, thank you so much for this wonderful post! (I'm sure there are lots and lots of people who don't know, I've gotten some "just found you" comments lately.) This totally made my day! Good luck on your new Etsy shop, and Happy New Year!

Brittany Noel said...

You totally deserve it Trudi! I'm glad to make your day!!