Friday, January 16, 2009

I am a zombie

Or, at least I feel like it. I suppose statements like that are how rumors get started... This week has been so intense. I've complained to enough people to get it out of my system (lucky you), so you don't have to sit through that. However, I have not told (bragged to) enough people about how awesome my classes are! 
Shibori is awesome. As always, I love Sue Moran, she's the best. That link is to a one-person show she has at a gallery in Chelsea, MI. We did some samples on Monday, but I haven't had the time to scan them in. I'll be doing that this afternoon. 
Basketry is also really great. I have to work larger than I want to because of my stupid hands. I called the doctor today to ask about what kind of brace might help. Urgh. 
Math and the Imagination is going to be great. We'll be discussing all kinds of interesting things! The first class, we debated about the nature of math and whether it was a human or natural invention. Very interesting.
Art in the Weimar Republic (1919-1933, after the German emperor was kicked out and before Hitler came to power) should be pretty interesting. It isn't all art I don't like. I think that was from another time period. My teacher wears funny boots.
Quilting promises to be a good class too. The first class, we wrote down a timeline of our lives. It was supposed to be the most transformational memories/events. I wrote down a lot of things that may not have been terribly transformational at the time, but that I feel have definitely shaped who I am. I'm excited to explore this, as memories and my childhood mean a lot to me.

I'll be able to scan some samples later and hopefully will have pictures soon. Supposedly, my mom mailed my card reader this time. We'll see!


Chelsea said... should post your list from your quilting class. since i haven't known you very long, i don't know much of your life except for what's recent!

thanks again for looking at my car, and to eric too. see you in a bit!

Chelsea said...

oh. i also have a zombie tshirt. its great. i never wear it because its really tiny. i want to make it into something else.

Anonymous said...

Yay for good classes@@

Anonymous said...

oops... those were totally supposed to be exclamation points. bahaha!

Brittany Noel said...

Haha! Two people in a row posted two comments. So weird.

Chels - No problem about the car. Eric loves helping (a secret about him!). Also, I planned on scanning that page in my notebook! I'll probably post it tomorrow :) You should definitely do something with that zombie shirt!

Carrie - Big yay for good classes! With an exclamation mark. Haha! What classes are you taking this semester?

The Clothes Horse said...

Your classes totally sound interesting. Don't turn into a zombie on us! :)

Brittany Noel said...

Haha! Thanks, Rebecca. I'll keep you up to date with everything! Including a post... right now!