Sunday, January 4, 2009


This morning I woke up and I couldn't breathe. I barely had enough room to breathe with my mouth. My allergies are like a bad, controlling boyfriend. They even distract me at work. Jerks. I called my mommy (she's still my mommy and needs to be consulted with these things) and she said she just happened to have ordered a new allergy medicine. It's a mix between homeopathy (which is supposed to help you build an immunity to this stuff) and normal stuff, since it also helps with the symptoms. I hope it helps me. I made coffee this morning (I'm addicted to one of Starbucks' current temporary coffees, Bella Vista, it's really good) and am now nursing a cup of Honeybush tea. I was hoping the steam from the tea would help my current state. It did a little.

Eric and I are doing an overhaul on the apartment right now. I threw out almost everything in my front closet, which was like a burial ground for things I would do something with "eventually". Now, it's a storage place, like any closet should be. We put up a couple of Jarpen shelves from Ikea next to the front door and put my sewing "desk" under them. Right now, it's Eric's mom's sewing-machine-in-a-desk, closed, and with my machine on top of it. Way too small of a workspace, and it's also too small for me to sit at, my knees get smushed. We're working on that... Next, the bedroom. Egad.

Yesterday, Chels and I went to the thrift store for our first Gracie-free trip ever. I got a so soft and cozy rayon (yes, rayon) flannel! I suppose it's not flannel if it's not cotton flannel, but it is plaid. And made for men. And I love it. I also got some fabric. Now, I get my lovely beautiful linen from Joann. But, I've decided the thrift store will also be a great place to shop for linen. I got these 100% linen (and nice linen) garments: 1 giant pair of pants, 1 floor length dress, and 1 floor length dress with pretty embroidery on the bottom. All in all, at least 1 yard of fabric when it's all cut up. Total price? $6. Seriously. The pants are the nicest slub fabric too! This is great. I will still of course continue to buy a lot of my linen from Joann (it all comes in one piece!), but the thrift store linen is great for small thing (like a couple of things I'm planning right now). So, in honor of these acquisitions, I've rounded up some lovely linen photos from Flickr! Yay!

This first one may not be crafty, but the skirt is linen, and it's beautiful. I love the high waist and the perfect little poof! From Piksi_.

I love this photo! Not only is it an in-progress shot, the girl in the background just adds so much. From Cathy Gaubert.

I love all of the different ways these simple pillows were approached, lots of different fabrics and compositions, but they are coherent. The little hand is so sweet! From Ella Pedersen.

I love this desk shot! The scissors and the drawer and all of the sweet fabrics. From Cotton Blue.

This is the best linen! So textural, it looks like it's had a life. I love the little mushrooms (I'm not even usually a mushroom fan!). This loveliness is from Namolio.

I love this!! So whimsical and colorful and makes me want summer back. Look at all of the different hankerchiefs! I wish I had such luck when I went thrifting. Dose of cheer courtesy of Anknel and Burblets.

This fabric is also an amazingly textural linen and I love the simple yet interesting stitching. From LimonVerde.

This was a gift for a little girl, but I think any sensible grown woman would love it! Such a nice way to keep your pencils. From I Heart Linen.

Love this bag! The fabric was all taken from thrifted items and the embroidery and the pattern is awesome! I love the braided leather straps too. From GooseFlesh.


Anonymous said...

Great finds! Haha, little girl at heart... that colored pencil roll up made me drool.

Brittany Noel said...

I loved colored pencils when I was little! I'm glad you share the same interest in rainbow colored pencil holders!

Carlene said...

I *love* all these pictures! I am a huge linen geek. And, I have a ton of thriftshop linen clothing for crafting (those gigantic long linen skirts and men's xxxl shirts are like the motherlode).

The Clothes Horse said...

Piksi is fantastic. It sounds like you're doing spring cleaning early! I hope your allergies get under control.
P.S. The tree is in my parent's yard.

t does wool said... certainly have rounded up some beautiful photos!!

Brittany Noel said...

Carlene - I'm glad you share my love of thrifted linen. So economical, and softer from all the washing!

Rebecca - I love her! Yeah, it's more like new year cleaning, I guess. I can't believe that tree is in your parents' yard! It's so beautiful.

Teresa - Yes, I have! Haha. Thanks!

Christie said...

I LOVE working with linen, can't wait to see what you make

Great pics

Brittany Noel said...

Hi Christie! It's nice to see you over here :)

Thanks for the comment!