Saturday, January 17, 2009

So, I got some mail

And in it was... my card reader! Hooray! Now I can share lots of photos with you that I couldn't before. Here are a bunch of random photos that help me remember what each of these moments felt like. 

Sorry, these go from most recent to long ago.

i made mexican chocolate cookies. they were yummy.

i like these candles. they're in a giant bowl made by my parents' friends.

the tools for keeping Gracie happy with drums. it was loud.

i had hot cocoa on Christmas. and i kept refilling my marshmallows... it was so good.

christmas eve. the before and after of baking with my mom.

Tomorrow, I will show you my sachets so far. Also, my school work so far. Which will be shibori and basketry! Yay! There's already some shibori on Flickr if you want a sneak peek :)

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