Friday, October 29, 2010

.daily film : root cellar.

eric and i seriously miss going to greenfield village just about every week, like we did last year. you can feel the history, the people. the stories.

i love that they have what they call 'living houses'. re-enactors and, i'm sure, the rest of the village staff, still use these houses as they were used when people lived in them.

in the firestone farmhouse, which is the home in these photos, they still cure ham and store preserves in the basement. the light is really beautiful coming in from the windows.

we have a fairly set pattern that we tour the village in when we go. we always go here first.


Swell Papel said...

I love Greenfield Village!! It's so great in the fall, especially!

Brittany at Home Ground said...

It's really one of my favorite places ever. We're actually getting married there next November! It's going to be so cool :)