Monday, October 18, 2010

.essay : summer's last hurrah.

kayaking trip with the fiance, eric. it was a beautiful summer day. if only i didn't have to be choked by a rental life vest the whole time!

the only trip i got to take with my mom this summer. it was really nice, though. i was the first person to test out her new blue kayak. so honored.

these last several photos are from a kayak/canoe trip that i and my co-workers at starbucks went on in august. it was super fun and almost all of us made it. it's not often we're all at the same place at the same time. someone's gotta work the store!

what was your favorite thing about this past summer?
mine : well, i can't leave out hawai'i can i?
btw, we did kayak the wailua river on kaua'i. 
distressingly enough, i can't seem to find those photos at the moment.

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