Wednesday, October 20, 2010

.to the west.

tomorrow, I'm getting in my car and driving west until I almost fall into Lake Michigan. I love going home. it's not very often I get to see my family and, if I'm really lucky, a couple of friends who still live over that way. I also get to see my mom's chickens. they're so great. they come and greet me when I get out of the car, clucking and squawking, scratching at the ground. my dad just built them a new coop for the winter, too. the roof is clear plastic, so they'll get some sun. lucky ducks! er, hens.

this sweet little chicken is from modish vintage.


Swell Papel said...

Aw!!!! What a fun trip!! Have a great time!!!!

Brittany at Home Ground said...

Thanks Mariana! I really really love going home. Even though it'll only be for one night, it'll be so great. Plus, my mom is an excellent cook :)