Friday, October 15, 2010

.one last time.

i couldn't help but reminisce about the summertime today. it was sunny, warm... definitely had the crisp fall air, but i was at the beach all day in my head. lounging, reading for fun! oh, be still my heart!

i know this post is quite late today. i've been busy with all sorts of home ground related things. tweaking a lot of things that i didn't quite get finished before yesterday afternoon... better late than never?

you might recognize the two women in the top photo as my lovely great grandma bea + grandma betty (grandie to us kids). i'm not sure who the woman in the second photo is, but i have a feeling it's my grandma. the dashing man in the third photo is my grandpa john.

when my sisters and i were little, we would occasionally spend the night at their house. my grandma was definitely a night person, so only my grandpa was awake when we got up. every morning, he would make us cinnamon sugar toast. oh man, was it so good! i still love cinnasugar toast and think of him when i make it for myself.

do you have any food associations with your family?

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