Friday, October 22, 2010


I'm not sure who this man is. He is in the same folder of family photos that the rest of the photos I've posted so far are in. I love that I'm related to him though, he seems like a really jovial guy. The kind of guy you just want to go visit. I like that he's wearing a collared shirt under his overalls, like he's always ready to go into town or something. The dog behind him seems to be having the time of its life, too! Bounding this way and that across the yard. Maybe he's chasing the shadows of the laundry that is drying on the line behind him?

What do you think his name was? I'm thinking... maybe John.

P.S. No, you're not going crazy. This photo is bigger than they usually are in this space. I just thought he really looked great taking up the whole page.

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