Monday, October 4, 2010

.essay : holo holo.

i hadn't realized it until i was starting to think about today's photo essay, but i haven't really taken many pictures lately. very strange, indeed. so, i thought about it and decided that it would be really nice to revisit hawai'i. especially with the cold weather creeping up on those of us in the northern half of the world. and for those of you in the southern hemisphere, this is just a preview of the lovely summer you're about to have!

these are from a boat tour that eric and i went on, in kaua'i. the tour company is called holo holo, and they were super awesome. i seriously recommend them if you're ever on the island. the crew was great (and hilarious), and they even turned the boat around to grab a pop can that had fallen overboard. before it even sank! it was very impressive and adventurous. we went on the snorkel tour to ni'ihau, the forbidden island. it was incredible!

enjoy :)


French Press Knits said...

We spent time in Kauai on our honeymoon- such a beautiful landscape. I immediately knew that the pictures were from Kauai when I saw them!

Matt Chung said...

so nice :)

great escape from a cold rainy monday.

I love the double dolphin shot, and the one through the rocky clif

Brittany at Home Ground said...

I didn't realize you had gone to Hawai'i, Melynda! Yes, Kaua'i, from what I've heard (I've never been to the other islands), is very different from the others.

Matt, I'm sorry it's rainy there. But, yes, this is perfect! We have sun and it's kind of warm, finally. That rocky cliff was so cool. It must have been so tricky to get the big catamaran in there without hitting the walls!