Friday, March 13, 2009

aha! got you!

So, to get some inspiration and maybe find some cool stuff, I went a-Pouncing on Etsy yesterday. Little did I know, Pounce is an awesome tool! No having a very big budget for buying cool stuff that I like (read, almost none!), I rarely search Etsy like that, with the intention of buying. However, I will be saving my pennies and dimes for one of these:

I think it should be said that I have searched Etsy for the perfect needle organizer before. And came up with a couple that I liked, but nothing that I wanted to really buy. However, this one is made with cute fabric (something I hadn't seen that often) and look at all of those pockets! This would actually carry ALL of my needles! Oh my goodness, I have to remember to breathe. Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you guys. This was fun to find, so perhaps I'll do this more often :) I'm sure you're all sick of looking at shibori by now...

Which reminds me, I have to photograph some hand painted scarves I've been working on :)

Oh, and this headband from the same shop is really cute. I love that fabric!

Thank you to Sarah for having such an awesome shop!

I just read the first whole page of her blog. She is funny! In a witty kind of way. Even more reason for me to have one of her needle cases! Oh, and before I forget, that was meant to read like this: fuuuuunnnyy! You know, in that voice that you would say it like that. It's hard for me to write in the same way that I would talk to you, but man does she have it nailed.

Also, I'm hungry. I want toast, but have no bread. Boo!

Also, I can't wait to style my photos in my new house! Oh baby baby. B-baby baby. You know, like that song. The jock jam song. Yup, that one.

I'm done now.

Happy Friday! Go check out Amber's Happy Friday post! She always posts awesome pictures.


Anonymous said...

oh this is perfect for my sister in law. thanks for the link ... love etsy!

Brittany Noel said...

Hi Suann! Glad I could help. And support another Etsy artist too :) Thanks for stopping by!