Sunday, March 8, 2009

listing . listing . listing

I've been listing today! Quite a few things, really. Especially compared to my normal amount. Which is almost zero. Boo on me! Anyway, I made a few updates to both of my shops, Willow Fibers and Brittany Noel Vintage. Yay! For your viewing pleasure (also to make me feel like I've accomplished something on this lazy, rainy Sunday):

yup. I listed a piece of fabric. oh man oh man! I'm on my way....

I've had these earrings made forever. Now hopefully someone else will love them.

I cannot tell you how much I love this necklace. I've been seriously debating whether I would try to sell it. I need the money. I've had these three stones for two or three years now....

I would like to wear these to the beach! Yay for summer!

I revamped and revitalized my vintage shop. Finally. It's been sitting there for forever!

I love all of these buttons! They're the ones I told you about a couple weeks ago. I have more, just didn't list them yet :) And that pillow is so cool!

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