Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the jeffersons

we're moving on up.

we signed the application and stuff today and can start moving in soon. we have the keys. we have a yard. we have a gas grill (found it in the shed!). we have a shed. and a garage. we have a gas stove. we have our own laundry. we have room. space. huge windows. light. an exposed beam. more storage than we need. a really cool tall skinny window that i will make a fabric panel to hang in. oh my goodness. studio space. space. light.

let me take you on a tour, my friend:

our little entryway. big closet (ugly doors, but whatevs) and big window. also, that doorknob is original and very cool.

from entryway into the dining room. to the left if living room. to the right is kitchen.

gas stove, big window, little display shelves for cool kitchen stuff.

kitchen. dishwasher, eric, cabinets. double sink. there are led lights under the cabinets. this is the new section.

this is the old section. cool cabinets! all of the fixtures are original and very awesome. tons of storage space.

inside giant cabinets. i'm putting new contact paper down fo' shizzle.

cool little latches. too bad it was painted white. it would be nice to have the original wood showing.

kitchen in as big an image as i could get. that door leads to a little entryway in the back. that's where the dryer is. and also a strange little stool.

walk into the living room from the dining room. look to your left. that corner with the windows will be my personal studio space. big white desk for sewing and my neat vintage one for computer and stuff. eric will be on the wall to the left.

nice big mirror. now i can see my whole outfit. that the doorway into the bedroom. i think the hideous godawful couch will go to the left. tv to the right.

bed will go in the corner to the left that you can't see. that's the bathroom. no closet in the bedroom, but a big one in the closet that will easily fit our clothes. lots of drawers and stuff in the bathroom. that window looks out to the yard.

my phone died before i could take anymore pictures. i'll bring my real camera next time we go there, i promise!


Matt said...


can't wait to visit!

it's going to be great!

i will make you a print to put up!

The Clothes Horse said...

That is so exciting!

Brittany Noel said...

MATT! I can't really wait for anything right now! Oh my gosh it's gonna be awesome and you can come over and oh man oh man. oh man.

Brittany Noel said...

oh my gosh it so is!!! thanks rebecca :) can't wait to show you better photos!