Thursday, March 26, 2009


my seed shelf thing. it's in the entryway. i just put this stuff on there when we were unpacking, but i like the groupings.

part of my window display above my sewing desk. beeswax candle, brass candleholder, and nice little card from carol at yorktown road.

little turquoise ring i got ages ago, martinelli's bottle with a wispy in it, ceramic thimble from brittni at paper n stitch, woodburning from an instructor at ccs.

beeswax candle, brass candleholder, carved wood owl from a garage sale, two beautiful pit fired pieces from audrey long.

my little work space. it feels so clean. i love the white desk. i feel productive.

an attempt at organizing my little things while still looking nice. it kinda maybe worked...

i put these scraps in this glass jar a few months ago just to keep them somewhere, but i like how they look. kind of like a specimen. but not gross.

of a home. in the process.


Matt said...

ooo going to shoot you in your studio/workspace this on Sunday!

Brittany Noel said...

yay!!!!!!! is something more like 1 ok for you to come to aa? I'm getting an ouchy massage (deep tissue for my arms) at noon (the only time she could) and she said it takes an hour. is that ok?