Tuesday, March 10, 2009

i made myself a headband from my coneflower fabric. i just cut it up to wear to work, but i think i'll make some with twill tape or ribbon in the back for easy tying. i think they'll be nice!

i made a little pouch for practice. it's lined with silk crepe. nice and shiny and pretty. i think i'll give it to my little sister, she loves purple.

i'll sew this button on and have a loop on top so it folds over and you can loop it over the button.

i like my fake gerbera daisies from ikea. they're in my window and the lights look so nice on them.


kimberly ann said...

sometimes i feel like such a homebody - all i want is a house, so i can live there on a more permanent basis, decorate it with things i made, cook meals and feed people and be a hostess. i know i'm young, but it seems like i have been waiting far too long to get there. haha.

congratulations on your new place, and you better be having a housewarming party, because i will SO be there.

Brittany Noel said...

i feel the same way. I have pretty much since i was little and playing house was my favorite game ever. also playing store. i am so excited about this. we will be there for probably at least two years. i can garden! and i am TOTALLY having a housewarming party. it will be a bbq/grill party because there is a gas grill in the shed! OH BABY!