Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pros & Cons

It is raining here today. I love it, it is beautiful and smells fresh. My hair is wet. I left it down today, something I haven't done in a long time. I'm enjoying it.

We looked at an apartment the other day. The guy under is making us kind of uncomfortable (ok, pretty/really uncomfortable). I think he's a drunk, he seems kind of... easy to anger, he's disrespectful (plays really loud (and BAD!) music late at night, then comes up and says "I can hear everything that goes on up here" like we can't hear him or something) and he smokes. I can still smell it sometimes. On Friday it was so beautiful (sixties and sunny) we took a walk to survey the area for "For Rent" signs. The first one we saw was right next door to the apt. I lived in a couple years ago. I fell in love. Seriously. The only problem: I can't afford it. My parents pay my rent right now, and they can't afford anything higher, nor would I ask them to. I'm thinking about getting a student loan to pay for the difference between that rent and mine now. This place is such a deal compared to where I am right now. It's it's own house, it's not connected to anything. There's a little yard where I could grow whatever I want (I asked), there is a garage and a shed. I'll save the rest for my analysis below:

Pros (18):
house, not apt.
garage (have somewhere to store my bike that isn't in the rain and snow)
backyard (i can grow stuff, which means I won't have to drive all the way to Maybury all the time in the summer, thus saving time and gas)
washer/dryer (right now I'm paying $3 a load)
way bigger
space for studioish area
i could have a table, instead of eating on the couch b/c half my counter is needed for fabric stuff
room in the living room to work out
separate dining room and living room
a lot more storage space (four different closets plus shed and garage)
closer to downtown Plymouth and therefore to work
hardwood floors
lots of windows
dishwasher (huge for me!)
I like the landlord
all around would make me a million times happier (doesn't that count for something?)
enough room to actually have friends over

Cons (4):
have to get a student loan (I've figured it to be $4,000 total, including a teeny bit of room for bills)
have to move in the middle of the semester
have to change the address on my license
have to paint the walls back to white in my apt. now

Pros (5):
don't have to move during semester
don't have to get a student loan
I like the landlord
don't have to change my address
nice blue wall

Cons (16):
it is an apt. not a house
not nearly as much storage
have to put my bike out in the elements, it's all rusty now
no backyard, can only have two or three potted plants outside
$3 a load for washer and dryer
a lot smaller
not a lot of room for friends (can't really serve any food, since nowhere to eat)
no dishwasher (wasteful and a pain, literally with my hands now)
too close to the tracks (it's wearing on me)
no ventilation in bathroom, so it gets moldy about a week after it's cleaned
nasty carpet
creepy guy
smells like smoke
sometimes like dog poop when the dogs downstairs poop inside
windows are crappy and let in the cold/heat
connected (no privacy, the floor is so thin, he really can hear everything that goes on up here and it makes me feel totally exposed)

Obviously the pros outweigh the cons (and pros of apt. now) by a ton. The only thing that kept me from filling out the application on Friday is the student loan. I haven't had to take any out yet, thanks to the generosity of my parents and grandparents (also a scholarship), and it would be a really small amount in the long run. I'm completely willing to do it, I just know my parents wouldn't approve. So, that's the only thing that is stopping me. The only thing. I'm going to financial aid at school tomorrow to talk about it with an advisor. I'll let you know how it goes.



Matt said...

what about finding a different apartment/place?

maybe there is another location that has a similar price to what you pay now... with a dishwasher and sans evil neighbor.

beware of the loans.

Brittany Noel said...

Yeah, we're looking. I wish I had taken photos, you would be convinced. Haha! Also, Eric already has secured a GD internship for the summer that I think will be paid! So, if we don't need it, I'll just start paying it off with it's own money... Weird!

The Clothes Horse said...

I adore pro/con lists. :)
You made one--pro

Chelsea said...

i think you should keep looking as well, but i also think that if you really love the house, you should take out the loan. or make eric split rent with you? :)

i'll help you look. there are a TON of places for rent in plymouth. lets do it today!!!!!!! oh wait, isnt monday your busy day? crap.

Susan Johnson said...

I vote for the bigger apartment, but maybe look for a cheaper one. The economy--who knows? Studio room will allow you to make more stuff, for your etsy store. Two girls in Vancouver rented a 3 br apt, and started a business in the extra bedroom--Smoking Lily--that paid the extra rent

Brittany Noel said...

Thanks for all of your feedback! I've thought about it all weekend (and in not so elated states of mind, too) and I think I'm going to take this place. My reasoning is this: it is, simply, a better deal per dollar than my place right now or any other place I've seen within the same dollar range. I'm looking at an apt. tomorrow that is the same price, but it is an apt. and doesn't have it own w/d, no yard, etc. It's the best deal I think I'll get!

Chels - I've looked around (driving) and in the paper and craigslist and haven't found anything that's a better deal. We can look, though :)

Susan - The bigger space is really more necessary for my work at school. But, more room for Etsy will mean I'm more organized and that will mean it'll be easier for me to get stuff done for Etsy!