Monday, March 23, 2009

unforeseen circumstances

have prevented me from posting new photos of my apartment. Darn! We didn't get home from school until almost 9pm and by then all the light was gone. So, it'll be tomorrow or Wednesday when I can take more. Though, you're probably totally sick of seeing this place by now!

Anyway, I do have some photos to share. I made a piece of shibori fabric this morning. I really love it. Totally different from what I usually do, but very good.

it started out that purple on the top. then i bleached it out and it turned a fresh greenish yellowish.

then, i didn't want to keep it like that, so i rinsed the thiox (bleaching stuff) off and put it in a blue dyebath. because the thiox was still all over the inside layers, it kept the dye from getting in the fabric. at least, that's what we decided.

and the boldness is great, but the subtleties are by far the best part.

I dyed a piece of silk organza a deep teal color, like that teal-blue but darker. It's such a good color. The only good color I got today! And I'll incorporate that and lots of thread into this piece. Yay!


Julia said...

Those are GREAT colors!

Brittany Noel said...

Thanks Julia!! The green and blue are kind of accidents, as they were completely at the mercy of the dyes interacting with the bleach stuff. I really like not knowing, though. And I never would've combined these colors on purpose, so I'm really happy with this piece of fabric!

Helen said...

This is beautiful.

Brittany Noel said...

Thank you, Helen. I was totally shocked, in a good way!