Monday, March 23, 2009

moving is hard

really, it is! but so refreshing. and, when you're moving to a place you love it's very very rejuvenating. i feel so much better in this house. the light is incredible (so much that i can't stop talking/thinking about it!) and another thing that i've noticed: being next to the road (my building was away from the road) makes me feel so connected. i saw a couple of my customers at sbux run by yesterday! and i saw lots of people walking with their kids and dogs while the sun was out. and i'm only two blocks from downtown!

i took a walk to see chelsea and grace sunday morning and i saw two of my customers on the way there and back. people who i can hold a conversation with and who i enjoy seeing. it is a 6 minute walk each way. perfect. i'm hardly going to have to drive this summer! at least not to work or to the bakery or anywhere like that.

and we did 4 loads of laundry on saturday! and i didn't have to put a ton of quarters in! i wish i could calculate how much my laundry does cost per load. oh and the kitchen. it's awesome. we cleared everything out and cooked dinner yesterday. yeah, it was only macaroni but come on!

the morning yesterday was perfect. i woke up at 8, without the alarm i might add, and made some coffee, french pressed of course. i put my coffee maker in the don't-need-it-all-the-time cupboard because i am addicted to fp. i also made myself nutella toast with bread i bought on saturday. sooo good. i think i'll buy sandwich stuff today so i can use the half that i didn't freeze.

and after that wonderful breakfast, i walked downtown to see chelsea and grace. and we had fun at the bean (the other coffee shop). i got a delicious chai and a croissant sandwich. turkey swiss and hummus. it was soooo good. i'm going to make them for myself! it's nice being able to see chelsea more. for a while, we didn't see each other for months it seemed!

without further ado, here is a documentation of some of our moving adventure. i didn't get any action shots when we actually moved everything on friday, my mind was just not thinking of such things...

what will be the dining room. notice there are 5 or 6 boxes missing from the second photo!

the living room. hooray! the progress is really obvious between these two photos. hey, is that obama i see back on my wall? why yes it is! our first piece of art on the wall. haha.

oh yes, the stove part of the kitchen. still a lot of stuff in the second photo, but some of it, like the spices, is stuff in the right place. also the tea kettle.

i'll take more when i get home today, we got a lot of work done after i took these pictures! and there are some special little spots that i want to show you :)


Erin said...

Hey! This is Erin from work... been reading your blog but never commenting... but I really need to say that I LOVE your house! Where in Plymouth do you live? We've been spending a lot more time down there lately now that the weather is nicer, taking walks with the kid and visiting the library, window shopping, etc. It would be cool to run into you there sometime :)

Brittany Noel said...

Erin!! I was wondering if you still read... You should comment all the time, since we never work together anymore. I'm a block away from the library and two blocks from work, on Roe. It's so awesome! We should have a coffee and walking around day. We could even get ice cream with the little one in the summer! And, you can stop by my place and I'll french press something for you :) I just marked out Kenya. Mmmmmm.