Thursday, October 2, 2008

cold . rainy . beautiful

Today was, on one hand, miserable and cold and dreary. That was most of it.

But, I further figured out my major studio project. That doesn't sound very productive, but I swear it is. This week I'll be sewing lots of seed packets and getting a repeat pattern ready to print next week. Here's the basis...

I would like to create/lead a group, an activist type group. We will advocate socially and environmentally sustainable agriculture. My end goal is to have some sort of event in the spring. Some collaborative guerilla planting effort, I think. I'll have all of my photo friends who come help me document it. So, this semester and next, I'll be making all of the paraphernalia for the people who "join" my group. So.... what makes me different from any other group?

I'm an artist. Duh. The things that my people will be using and wearing will be designed with an art background. So, I already posted them, but I'm making seed packets for my first project. I have to make a lot too! I'm sewing them all by hand. Partly because it's actually impossible to sew them on a machine, but also I just wanted to sew them by hand because I love the act of stitching. Instead of doing a traditional, lame, seed packet design with an illustration or photo and the seed name and all that, I decided to make a repeat pattern for all of the different seeds I'll be supplying. I'm thinking around 5 or so different seeds and designs. I'm really excited! I'm going to print the patterns onto the fabric using our brand new inkjet printer! Yay!

Sorry for the long post and lack of picture happening on the same day, but my camera's battery died and I can't find the cord at the mo' and I was at school from 9 this morning and just got home a half hour ago. Tired. I got a lot of weaving done though. And saw a really great Woodward lecturer, Eric Fishell (sp?) who I will post about tomorrow. So, it was productive and such.

Have a great Friday morning and I'll see you later in the day complete with pictures and my notes/thoughts from tonight's lecture.

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