Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pretty Things

How I love Snippet & Ink. I might not be quite ready to tie the knot or look for those items, but everything they post can applied to any other kind of design. I love that woven blanket, for example, and might like to weave something in those colors. I love absolutely everything about the second image and might want to fall asleep and live in that world for a while.

This is a website that I discovered over the summer after finding one of Natalie's books on Her work is amazing. The texture, the detail, the colors, everything. Plus, she uses mostly organic cotton and everything is handmade by women in a co-op type setting in Alabama. Magic. Here is some food for your soul from Alabama Chanin:


Chelsea said...

oh my god....i am in love. LOVE. i want that corset, top, whatever it is, its so beautiful..

Brittany Noel said...

Me too. Stunning.