Monday, October 6, 2008


My initial notes about the double exposure project with PKWHO. Eric and I are working together. It should be nice.

My notes from the first Woodward lecture of the year. It was given by an artist named Eric Fishell. I really liked his work and he gave a great lecture.

These are my notes about our next project in my Silkscreen class. I'm excited about it. We did a technique today called silk scouring. It's beautiful. Hopefully I'll have images soon... My camera's charging cord has been misplaced. So, these are all scans. Hooray. Too bad Matt probable isn't reading this.

So, anyway. My notes about our next project. It's a collage project. I'm not sure how I'll approach the collaging part.... My topic/theme is sustainable agriculture. Imagine that, right? My teacher Sue and I talked about the collaging process echoing a growing process. I want to use text and images together. I want to cut them up and put them back together so that they look like parts of a whole; just how all of the activist groups are parts of a whole. Ladida. We'll see. I'll do a few samples this week. Maybe in paper. Probably in paper.

Woven shibori sample. I wove a ground weave in white and added in a supplementary thread every 4 rows. When it's off the loom, you pull all of these extra threads as tight as possible and tie them that way. I threw it in a dyebath and here you have it! I think I'll do it a bit differently on my scarf, but I like it! It's small. It reminds me of a teeny persian rug or something.

Also, I'll have patterns for my seed packets to show you soon! Hooray!

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